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MYRRA 47000 and 48000 encapsulated transformers

MYRRA encapsulated electronic transformers are Switched Mode Power Supplies based on
Flyback topology.

47000 Series

• Wide input voltage range
• Very low Standby Power consumption: meets requirements of Energy Star or EC
Code of Conduct
• Same footprint as EI30, EI38 and EI48 transformer : upgrade your application
without redesign of PCB

The applications for the Electronic serie are :
• Alternative to the linear transformers in all AC/DC applications of power up to 10W
• Alternative to DC/DC converters for application in D.C.current (Telecom supplies, electric substations etc.)
• Industrial, domestic and consumer electronics applications
• Standby devices and others DC or AC auxiliary supplies

With the same footprint as a EI30, EI38 and EI48 transformer,
Conducted and radiated emissions
they will replace:
- 50 Hz Transformer
- Fuse
- Bridge Rectifier
- Filtering Capacitor

Regulated types will also replace linear regulator and heatsink

48000 Series

Unique 3 Power/Ambient Ratings from 1W to 3W

Very low power consumption < 0.15W

Input Range: 85V to 265V AC or 120V to 370V DC

Regulated DC output Range: 3.3V to 24V

EMC compliant and certified