Environment Policy

Diversity & Equality

"Equality of opportunity is regarded not as a privilege for some but as a right for all"

Technical Distributor of Choice

MB Silicon Systems (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned electronic component distribution company and manufacturer representative, covering the whole of Southern Africa. Established in January 1997, the company has expanded rapidly to capture a sizeable portion of the South African electronics components market.
Apart from our technical expertise, the accomplishments of MB Silicon Systems can also be attributed to the team-work displayed by our closely-knit sales force, which comprises of a young, enthusiastic and capable sales team.
Being a totally independent company, MBSS customers include all major manufacturers and users of components in the country.
As a company that primarily serves the professional equipment manufacturers, supplying state-of-the-art components, particularly semiconductors, MB Silicon Systems (MBSS) can fulfill practically any customer requirements as far as professional electronic components are concerned. This is attributed to the custom made software with the Parametric Search Capabilities. The parametric search enables MBSS sales engineers to easily find components that are available from multiple sources and to define the alternative parts if required.
MB Silicon Systems is certified as an ISO 9001 company. This certification further enhances the company’s pledge and commitment to the quality and service that it provides to its customers.
MB Silicon Systems has also been recognized as a certified B-BBEE contributor. This certifies our commitment to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals and the country’s economy as a whole.

Environment Policy Statement

The Directors, Management and Staff of MB Silicon Systems (Pty) Ltd are committed to reducing adverse affects on the environment from their activities, processes and products.
We shall where possible, minimise waste and pollution, by using lower emission and economical vehicles both at commercial and private levels.
We will, wherever practical, recycle or re-use packaging and packaging materials delivered into any of our locations from external suppliers and use environmentally friendly packaging materials in our daily routines.
We are actively promoting co-operation with our suppliers and customers to support us with our objectives through our environment policy.

Diversity and Equality Policy

We are committed to serving our customers with impartiality, sensitivity, awareness, irrespective of a person’s race, colour, ethnic or national origins, religion, creed, age, sex, social position, disability, political opinion or social disadvantage.
As an employer, we are committed to a personal management policy which gives equal opportunity and non-discriminatory practices in recruitment selection, training, career development and the promotion of staff.
More than just complying, we will take the necessary steps to promote fairness and equal treatment, regularly reviewing procedures and practices and monitoring progress.
We recognize that the implementation of a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) strategy is an essential mechanism to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic development, social stability and labour-absorbing economic growth.
Equality of opportunity is regarded not as a privilege for some but as a right for all.

Quality Policy Statement

The Directors, Management and Staff of MB Silicon Systems (Pty) Ltd consider the quality aspects of the organisation to be a primary factor in the continued success of the company.
Continuous measure, analysis and improvement of our processes and objectives enable us to react and change to market requirements. This ability to change assists us in achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction and therefore the security and prosperity of the company.

The company is solidly committed to establish and maintain an effective quality system, which meets the requirements of ISO9001:2000 and helps maintain MB Silicon Systems (Pty) Ltd as a leading company in the electronics supply field.
All of our staff has been trained to fully understand, effectively implement and maintain the complete ISO9001 strategy.

"MB Silicon Systems is a company that prides itself on being customer-driven and product orientated"